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Over the years we didn't realize just how Eco-friendly our paddle socks and paddle booties where.

About the Fleece:

Lambswool Fleece is a man-made fabric created from polyester fibers that has many advantages, making it a very popular option for clothing, blankets, paddle socks or paddle booties and other uses. While there were initially a few disadvantages (back in the early 1980's), modifications over the last several years have eliminated most of them, making it more desirable than wool for some applications.

Fleece is a woolen-type fabric made from synthetic fibers, usually 100 percent polyester, although it can also be combined with natural fibers such as wool and cotton or other man-made materials including spandex or rayon.


Utilizing advanced technology, polyester fibers are created from recycled plastic soda bottles. The fibers are twisted into yarn, which is woven or knit into fabric. The surface of the fabric is then brushed with wire brushes before it is trimmed (or sheared) to the desired length and finished.


There are a number of significant advantages to using fleece fabric. It is easy to sew and launders well. It is machine washable and dries quickly because of its construction and is therefore also water repellent. For this reason, it also wicks moisture away from the body, making it appealing for outdoor and athletic wear. The fabric itself is lightweight, soft, very comfortable and extremely warm. It is available in many colors, patterns and prints. Fleece is an excellent alternative fabric for anyone allergic to wool. And it may be considered earth friendly since the fleece fabrics are made from recycled plastic bottles.

The more socks or booties you order...the more demand to recycle plastic bottles to save our environment!

Our fleece is made is U.S.A. It is of the highest quality.


  • Hats - $20.
  • Kayak Booties - $20.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Canoe Socks - $18.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Paddle Leggings - $24.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Norsaq / Rolling Stick Pouches - $10.
  • Ladies Golf Purses - $10.

All Prices are Canadian Funds.

The Kayak Booties fit all Greenland, Aleut, and European paddles up to 6-3/4" wide.

The Canoe Socks fit Canoe paddles or Storm paddles, up to 6-3/4" wide x 72" long.

COMING SOON.... SUP Paddle socks. Testing was excellent!These socks will fit one SUP Paddle or two European paddles inside. We have two available in a nice dark Green at the moment for - $20.95


Ms. Needles is our seamstress, friend, and a family member! Also a cancer survivor! She makes fantastic paddle booties and socks for us, with double stitched bottoms so you never have to worry about your paddle falling through. It is our way of keeping her out of trouble. :-)


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