History of the Canoe Paddle Sock & Kayak Paddle Bootie

How it all began...

Before Adanac Paddles became a business, we where making paddles for ourselves and friends. Back in the early 1980's we used to make covers for our paddles from felt, canvas and just about anything that would be thick enough to protect the paddles from bumps, and scraps that would likely occur, while being packed in the back of a truck, car, camper etc. enroute to our canoeing holiday trip.

First paddle socks
Our first paddle socks.

It just made good sense to protect the investment of our paddles. So we would give one of these 'crude' covers with every paddle we made. This practice stayed with us throughout the years.

When Fleece became readily available at reasonable prices in the mid 1980's, we switched to it and the modern paddle sock was born.

Below is how we have evolved to our latest design of 2011.

Paddle Bootie or Paddle Sock

[in Canada Red]


  • Hats - $20.
  • Kayak Booties - $20.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Canoe Socks - $18.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Paddle Leggings - $24.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Norsaq / Rolling Stick Pouches - $10.
  • Ladies Golf Purses - $10.

All Prices are Canadian Funds.

The Kayak Booties fit all Greenland, Aleut, and European paddles up to 6-3/4" wide.

The Canoe Socks fit Canoe paddles or Storm paddles, up to 6-3/4" wide x 72" long.

COMING SOON.... SUP Paddle socks. Testing was excellent!These socks will fit one SUP Paddle or two European paddles inside. We have two available in a nice dark Green at the moment for - $20.95


Ms. Needles is our seamstress, friend, and a family member! Also a cancer survivor! She makes fantastic paddle booties and socks for us, with double stitched bottoms so you never have to worry about your paddle falling through. It is our way of keeping her out of trouble. :-)


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