• Adanac Paddles - Canadian - Hand carved custom Greenland Kayak paddles, Storm paddles, Norsaq's, and modern day Voyageur Paddles. Perfectly balanced!
  • Delta Kayaks - Canadian - Delta Kayaks is the culmination of over 30 years of thermoforming and paddle sports industry knowledge. A Canadian company.
  • - Wonderful web site with LOADS of kayaking information
  • Pelee Wings - Canadian - Kayaks, accessories, training courses, etc.
  • The Complete Paddler - Canadian - Kayaks, accessories, training courses, etc.
  • Frontenac Outfitters - Canadian - Kayaks, accessories, training courses, etc.
  • Kayalu - Kayalu is the outdoor products division of S. H Pierce & Co., an award-winning manufacturer and licensor of high-technology products founded in 1989 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Our products include high-performance Kayalu mounts and nclamp portable clamps. (They have the BEST stern lights hands down! We use them!)
  • Thule Racks - Best kayak racks on the market. Home of the Hullavator!
  • Wilderness Systems - Kayaks
  • Perception - Kayaks
  • Vortex Optics - Binoculars, etc.
  • Geocaching
  • Garmin - GPS
  • CamelBak - Hydration systems, bottles, etc.
  • One Ocean Kayaks - Design and construction of high performance wooden sea kayaks
  • Guillemot Kayaks - Plans for making kayaks and other small boats.
  • REED - Reed Chill Cheater have developed Aquatherm, the revolutionary new material which provides insulation from wind and wet and gives protection from UV rays.
    Reed clothing and layering systems sell world wide. Their durability and excellence has been recognised by explorers, instructors, film crews, Olympic teams, special needs swimmers, allergy sufferers and the folks at the local dive and canoe clubs too.
    All Adanac Paddles staff uses Reed Chill Cheater products, and we are completely satisfied! They are great!
  • The Canadian Canoe Museum - Canadian - Is an amazing place to visit! If you get a chance, please visit it.
  • GO! Girls
  • See Kayak - large resource for kayakers, kayaking, etc.



  • Hats - $20.
  • Kayak Booties - $20.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Canoe Socks - $18.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Paddle Leggings - $24.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Norsaq / Rolling Stick Pouches - $10.
  • Ladies Golf Purses - $10.

All Prices are Canadian Funds.

The Kayak Booties fit all Greenland, Aleut, and European paddles up to 6-3/4" wide.

The Canoe Socks fit Canoe paddles or Storm paddles, up to 6-3/4" wide x 72" long.

COMING SOON.... SUP Paddle socks. Testing was excellent!These socks will fit one SUP Paddle or two European paddles inside. We have two available in a nice dark Green at the moment for - $20.95


Ms. Needles is our seamstress, friend, and a family member! Also a cancer survivor! She makes fantastic paddle booties and socks for us, with double stitched bottoms so you never have to worry about your paddle falling through. It is our way of keeping her out of trouble. :-)


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