Paddle Leggings


These Paddle Leggings are made with an interior panel of a different, lighter colour (so it is easy to see). This panel divides the legging into two for carrying split paddles. Fits all lengths of split paddles, with extra material to fold over and tie.

  • holds one split Euro paddle
  • holds one or two split Greenland paddles
  • holds one or two split Aleutian paddles
  • or two canoe paddles

These Paddle Leggings will hold two canoe paddles up to 66" in height and still have enough material to fold over and tie. What a great way to keep those paddles together in the vehicle, instead of having them slide all over the place. Great for winter storage also.

Special Introductory Price: $24.95. Canadian

Adanac Paddles Hat

Easy to see dividing panel inside.

Paddle Leggings are made from Lambswool Fleece and are thick enough to protect your paddles from all kinds of lumps, bumps and scrapes while being transported.

Paddle Leggings

Euro paddles slide right in, as the material stretches.

Paddle Leggings colours

Canadian, Eh!

Colours available:

  • Deep Teal Green
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Black & Red Lumberjack Plaid....with or without "Canadian, Eh!" embroidery (same price).


  • Hats - $20.
  • Kayak Booties - $20.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Canoe Socks - $18.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Paddle Leggings - $24.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Norsaq / Rolling Stick Pouches - $10.
  • Ladies Golf Purses - $10.

All Prices are Canadian Funds.

The Kayak Booties fit all Greenland, Aleut, and European paddles up to 6-3/4" wide.

The Canoe Socks fit Canoe paddles or Storm paddles, up to 6-3/4" wide x 72" long.

COMING SOON.... SUP Paddle socks. Testing was excellent!These socks will fit one SUP Paddle or two European paddles inside. We have two available in a nice dark Green at the moment for - $20.95


Ms. Needles is our seamstress, friend, and a family member! Also a cancer survivor! She makes fantastic paddle booties and socks for us, with double stitched bottoms so you never have to worry about your paddle falling through. It is our way of keeping her out of trouble. :-)


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