Canoe Paddle Socks


These socks fit canoe paddles & storm paddles, up to 6-1/2" wide by 72" long, & still have enough material to fold over.


Paddle Sock

Canoe paddle sock in Robin Egg Blue
[in Robin Egg Blue]

Colour Chart

They are made from Lambswool Fleece and are thick enough to protect your paddles from all kinds of lumps, bumps and scrapes while being transported.

Not only are the paddles protected, but if you have ever slid a paddle on its edge while in a thin sock or bootie, across leather car seats.....well, you know that they will mark the leather.

Not in our booties or socks!

These socks:

  • are soft
  • breathable
  • washable
  • fast drying.
  • protect your paddle while being transported
  • great for storing your paddles in the off season also
  • weight 7oz.
  • and can be folded to be used as a small pillow while canoe camping.

Can be ordered with or without our logo for the same price.

Cost: $18.95 Canadian

These Canoe Socks also fit Storm paddles up to 72" long, with enough material to still fold over.

Colours available:

Robin Egg Blue
Robin Egg Blue
Robin Egg Blue
Blarney (green)
Robin Egg Blue
Canada Red
Royal Blue
DND Blue
Hot Pink
Hot Pink
Slate Grey
Slate Grey
Safety Orange
Safety Orange
Storm Navy
Storm Navy

Plaid selection

  1. Black Watch Plaid
  2. Black & White Plaid
  3. Stewart Plaid
  4. Black & White Lumberjack Plaid
  5. Camo
  6. Black & Red Lumberjack Plaid

Colours my vary due to your monitor settings.
We've tried to label them as best we can.


  • Hats - $20.
  • Kayak Booties - $20.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Canoe Socks - $18.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Paddle Leggings - $24.95 with or without embroidered logo.
  • Norsaq / Rolling Stick Pouches - $10.
  • Ladies Golf Purses - $10.

All Prices are Canadian Funds.

The Kayak Booties fit all Greenland, Aleut, and European paddles up to 6-3/4" wide.

The Canoe Socks fit Canoe paddles or Storm paddles, up to 6-3/4" wide x 72" long.

COMING SOON.... SUP Paddle socks. Testing was excellent!These socks will fit one SUP Paddle or two European paddles inside. We have two available in a nice dark Green at the moment for - $20.95


Ms. Needles is our seamstress, friend, and a family member! Also a cancer survivor! She makes fantastic paddle booties and socks for us, with double stitched bottoms so you never have to worry about your paddle falling through. It is our way of keeping her out of trouble. :-)


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